Covid 19


Customer Notice

Unfortunately things have to be different now to keep our customers and staff safe and to follow Government Guidelines and we advise that you will see the some changes – please respect our new way of socialising.

We ask that customers do not come into Stateside American Restaurant if within the last 14 days:

  • you have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID19
  • if you have any of the symptoms of COVID19
  • you have travelled from outside of the island of Ireland and are in quarantine.

We have introduced an even stricter cleaning regime and we sanitise our premises on a regular basis and also each table after customers leave it.

Customers should let us know in advance if at all possible if they wish to join us by either booking a table via our website or emailing us at if 24 hours notice can be given. If you need a reservation sooner than that please call us on 074 911 3333 during opening hours or message us on our Facebook Page when we are closed. We will need your name, number and email address, details of the number of adults and children 12 years and under and if any of those children require a high chair – also let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements or need space for a buggy or wheelchair so that we can prepare the best possible table for your needs prior to your arrival.

Arriving at Stateside:

  • For contact tracing purposes we are required by law to take the name, telephone number and email address of the lead person in your group who come in to dine with us. We will only use these details if required for contact tracing and only keep for a period of one month at which time your details will be destroyed. We will not use your details for any other purpose.
  • When customers arrive only ONE member of your group should come into the building and let us know that your group has arrived for your reservation or that you are seeking a table without a reservation. We will advise you to come in straight away if your table is ready for you immediately or we will ask you to remain in the car or outside until your table is ready. If this happens we will telephone you as soon as your table is ready. This will prevent people standing around the reception area as we need to maintain social distancing.
  • There will be a hand sanitising station at the entrance door – each member of your party must use this to sanitise your hands prior to being seated. You must also use the hand sanitising station before entering and after exiting the bathrooms. Customers are asked to avoid unnecessarily touching things in the restaurant.

Once Seated:
Keeping everyone safe – In order to follow government guidelines, it is important that once you are seated that members of your group stay seated unless going to the bathroom or are leaving the restaurant. Please ensure that you keep children seated at all times and do not let them move around the Restaurant. We understand that this is difficult but in the interest of keeping people safe, we ask that you follow our guidelines. Please do not be offended if we have to point out any rules that your group need to adhere to. We have an obligation to do so to ensure our staff and customer stay as safe as possible.

Ordering and other table Service
To prevent staff approaching your table unnecessarily and keeping contact to a minimum, we have introduced RED/GREEN Table Signs. These signs will enable the staff to determine if you need someone to approach your table to provide you with service.

MENUS : On this sign you will also see a QR CODE which you can scan with your phone to access all of our menus on our Website. Where necessary, we can provide your table with a laminated menu which can be sanitised after each use – however, we do want to keep this to a minimum.

We will still take your order at the table and we will bring the necessary cutlery and condiments after ordering.

If you DO NOT need us to approach you – put the sign RED side out – when staff see this we will not approach your table. We will initially put the red side out whilst you look at the menu prior to ordering.

Place the sign GREEN side out if you need service for the following reasons:

  • GREEN – Once you are ready to order your drinks and food (we will take the first drinks & food order in one visit to your table)
  • GREEN To let us know you have finished your appetisers or main course and are ready for us to lift your plates
  • GREEN To let us know that a member of your group need to use the bathroom – we will check that they are free for you and give you the go ahead – this prevents crowding in the bathrooms or unnecessary queuing outside the bathroom door. All customers and staff using the bathroom must use the hand sanitiser before entering and after leaving the bathrooms. Hands should be washed in the bathroom.
  • GREEN To order additional drinks or food e.g. drinks, desserts, dips etc or to let us know if something is not right. (refills will still be available but a fresh glass will be brought to the table)
  • GREEN To request and pay for your bill.


Bills can no longer be paid at the counter – please do not approach the counter or bar to pay – a member of staff will bring your bill to the table and take payment at the table. NO split bills will be permitted. We will take card payments and cash. All cash will be sanitised at the time of taking before placing into the till.

Place the Green sign facing out to let us know a member of your group need to use the bathroom – we will check that they are free for you and give you the go ahead – this prevents crowding in the bathrooms or unnecessary queuing outside the bathroom door. We encourage one table to use the bathrooms at the same time to prevent people walking around the restaurant on multiple occasions.

We appreciate your custom and patience whilst we are all trying to get use to a new way of living and socialising. If you see something that you feel is not right please let us know straight away and we will fix it.

Thanks very much, Patricia & Team